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Abiodun K Adesanya is a Business Owner, Founder, and the Director of Abbey De Law Firm, a Professional Public Speaker, with a vibrant legal practice that specializes in immigration services helping UK non-nationals who needs visa application or an extension and the Right to Remain in the UK. After many years of experience as a Lawyer/Consultant/Mentor/Business Coach, helping hundreds of clients, she understands the many problems and pitfalls faced by the UK non-nationals who need visa applications or an extension. Also, she is helping vulnerable individuals most importantly women, and advocate for young people by creating an autonomous environment for an informed decision concerning their lives. Abi’s approach is all about helping you maximize the chance of getting a successful application by identifying the pitfalls people might have on their own, having them avoid those challenges and helping them take my expertise and make sure that it is used to give you the most successful outcome on your application or extension. She understands the vulnerability of individuals and she tends to provide support where necessary. Abiodun, has exhibited professionalism with years of experience and multiple academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Laws, Masters in Local Development & Innovation, and a Bachelor’s in Applied Social Studies in Social Care. She bottled an Advocacy for International Development certification while studying LPCLLM at the University of Law 2017-2019, now a certified In-House Lawyer. She had several Leadership Trainings; Leadership, Supervisory & Management Skills (Sanctuary-Appraisals), Help To Grow: Management and Leadership. She has been certified for British Mental Health Certification, 2019 and an Accredited Trainer certification in 2021 and registered data controller for the company and also had training in Immigration courses OISC Level 1, 2 and 3. She has staged a Campaign against Terrorist Attack in the past at the UK Trafalgar Square, London with a lot of Public Speaking displayed while being a leader representing and volunteering for a faith organisation as the Zonal Legal and Empowerment Secretary UK & Ireland. During COVID-19, 2020 Pandemic outbreak, Abi was out and about helping out, volunteering on behalf of her company –Ramis-Ark Global Ltd, in the Nightingale NHS Hospital to recruit and support the training of the Health and Social Care staffs to even out the service, matching up skills needed as a Team London Ambassador for a National project despite my career in Law. Also, she participated on the Mouth Covering Project with the TFL in different stations across London. Her involvement permits her to promote diversity, and anti-racism, and to ensure equal opportunity in relation to the protected characteristics of the Equality Act, 2010 and was nominated for an award by a club for anti-discriminatory practices and presently, nominated by the United Nations UK Women delegate. She is now a consultant with Oxford Brookes University. Amongst the exemplary leader, she exercised conflict resolution and advocates among members at all levels as needed and when necessary. She attended constitutional meetings as required both face to face and on conference calls. She has been a representation of individuals and Women's voices advocating based on human rights and Women's rights in terms of development. Abi has served as the Constituency Women's Executive Officer in a CLP, promoting voice for the voiceless both locally, and national in terms of equal access and opportunities, written articles for women, Covid-19 and its impact on our society by founding Women of the Universe group and she has helped on various campaign groups. In summary, Abi has used her persuasive skills to best equip herself to become an outstanding candidate, now elected as the Vice-Chair of the constituency. She has demonstrated outstanding in Diversity and Equal opportunity at workplace as an employer during her engagement with the public, private and corporate organizations as the Founder of Ramis-Ark Global Ltd (Employment, Recruitment and Consulting) introducing Employment law as a tool to work as a mentor and coach with the participants of the Kick-Start scheme from the DWP and recruiting participants from different backgrounds to promote diversity as a reflection of all backgrounds. She will offer dispute resolutions at every stage of our dealings; help clients resolve disputes in all matters compared to her other colleagues.

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