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The CPD Awards


The CPD Awards is an annual celebration of excellent CPD from across the UK and beyond! CPD (Continuing Professional Development) plays an important role in every industry as it allows professionals to consistently develop their professional skills and knowledge. Here at The CPD Awards have noticed a lack of celebration for those that value outstanding CPD learning. We want to properly showcase CPD learning from every industry and show our appreciation to those who make great CPD possible. The awards themselves celebrate many different areas of CPD, from online learning to classroom courses to CPD Employers, Trainers, Providers and so much more! The winner of each award will be selected by our esteemed panel of expert judges. We’re excited to bring together those who care about quality CPD learning for an evening of entertainment, networking opportunities and, of course, the opportunity to win a range of coveted awards and recognitions. The CPD Awards is being held at the beautiful, historic London Guildhall and is sure to be a night to remember.

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