We Accredit High Quality CPD Providers that offer a
range of CPD Activities in the UK and Overseas


We Accredit High Quality CPD Providers that offer a range
of CPD Activities in the UK and Overseas.

How To Apply For CPD Accreditation?

The CPD group offer a full, free assessment of your business and organisation to determine that your organisation holds all the fundamental elements, documentation and training to successfully provide CPD learning in its various forms. All you need to do is head over to our sign-up page and complete a CPD Approved Provider Application form which enables you to submit your proposal to us online, saving you time and money. Once you are a registered CPD Training Provider, your CPD activities can be fully accredited by our support team.

CPD Accreditation Benefits

Becoming a CPD accredited provider comes with endless benefits! We are up to 50% cheaper than other UK CPD accreditation companies. Our application process is simple, flexible and completely cost free. We provide dedicated 1-1 support to guide you through the initial documentation, policies and guidelines and any required forms you may require assistance with. We are the only accreditation service to automatically register you on The CPD Register once you become accredited with us.

In just 3 simple steps, you can become a CPD Accredited Provider,
Completely Free of Charge!

Create Account

Create a FREE CPD Account, check your email and login


Complete Form

Complete and submit a simple form in your CPD account



Receive your unique CPD Provider Accreditation number, completely free!


What do we Accredit?

CPD Providers

If your organisation offers CPD Training/ Activities, we will Accredit you absolutely free of charge! We evaluate your organisation first, ensuring that you are a credible CPD provider and that you meet the standards required by CPD.

CPD Activities

We Accredit CPD Activities such as Online Courses, Classroom Courses, Conferences, Events, Webinars, Seminars and Workshops. Each course we accredit receives its own unique, verifiable and searchable accreditation number!

CPD Trainers

Are you a Trainer, Tutor, Lecturer, Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Instructor or Educator? Joining the CPD group and receiving Accreditation from us provides your clients and students with hard evidence that you’re fully knowledgeable of your subject and that you adhere to CPD standards.

Join Today

Registering with the CPD Group is a quick, simple and straightforward process. Everything is handled online, and you can complete your application whenever you’re ready.

Make sure that you meet the industry standard for all training providers and get verified today.

1000's of CPD Providers, Trainers and CPD Activities All Listed on ‘The CPD Register’

Once you’re CPD Accredited with us, we’ll list your services on The CPD Register,
where potential customers can search and compare CPD Accredited services in one accessible place.

Stand-alone product

The CPD Register is the only one of its kind in the UK to offer this unique service, and The CPD Group are proud of what we do. Once you’re accredited with us, you’ll be listed as an Accredited CPD provider on The CPD Register, so don’t miss out!

One solution

The CPD Register allows customers to access and compare thousands of CPD Accredited courses, ensuring that customers can find the course or provider that is the best suited to them. Register with us today to get your course to the right people.

Quality assured

As all of the providers on The CPD Register are CPD Accredited, you can browse with confidence, knowing that no matter the service you require, you’ll be in the best hands.

Showcase your service

Make sure your company is listed on The CPD Register to showcase your unique skills and services to thousands of potential customers!

CPD Trainers

Are you a Trainer, Tutor or Lecturer? Register with us today to display your knowledge and experience on The CPD Register to open yourself up to new opportunities and let your potential clients and students see what you have on offer.

CPD Activities

If you provide CPD Activities such as online seminars, face to face learning, events or workshops, register with us to get your services onto The CPD Register today and allow potential customers to find you with ease.

Why choose the CPD Group?

In recent years, Continuing Professional Development – or CPD for short, has boomed in popularity. In fact, this growing popularity now means that there is an ever-increasing number of options to choose from when becoming an accredited CPD provider. With more than a dozen specialist accreditation services to choose from - why choose us?

Put simply, we are the best at what we do. We stand out from our competition with our unique, personal service that is built around and tailored directly to you, the CPD provider.

  • We’re up to 50% cheaper than other CPD accreditation providers in the UK
  • We offer one to one customer support as standard throughout the application process should you need help putting together the documents you need.
  • We are the only accreditation service to automatically register you on The CPD Register once you become accredited with us..
Registration is completely free of charge, so why wait?
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What our customers say…

Don’t take it from us! See what our valued customers have to say about our service.

We Accredit High Quality Providers that offer a
range of CPD Activities in the UK and Overseas.

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The CPD Group

The CPD Group offer a free service, firstly looking at you as an organisation, ensuring that you have all of the fundamental elements to provide CPD Learning in its various forms.

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