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What is CPD in the United States?

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is perhaps more commonly known in the USA as CE (Continuing Education) or CPE (Continuing Professional Education). Continuing Education refers to any professional development activity or study that helps individuals learn new skills, expand their knowledge, or enhance expertise in their field.

By taking part in different types of Continuing Education such as CPD courses, CPD webinars, conferences, workshops, or other CPD programs, professionals across North America can elevate their careers and advance their understanding. Continuing Professional Education is essential in ensuring students remain current, aiding career progression and encouraging promotion.

Is CPD (or Continuous Education) recognised in the USA?

Yes, CPD or CE is recognized across the United States.

In the United States, many professions require Continuous Professional Education to keep skills sharp and knowledge current. This may also be known as Continuing Education (CE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Industry regulators often encourage completion of a specific amount of CPD credits to ensure knowledge.

Many organizations offer CE/CPD programs specifically designed for U.S. jobs. These programs can be offered by professional associations, trade groups, or even colleges. Often, these programs go through a CPD certification process to ensure they provide high-quality learning experiences.

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CPD Accreditation Explained

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education Accreditation or Certification in the USA?

CPD accreditation and CPD certification are essential in upholding the CPD standards and quality of Continuing Professional Education in the United States. The CPD accreditation process ensures that a CPD program adheres to a structured set of CPD standards. This gives students confidence in the value of their chosen training and allocates the correct amount of CPD hours or credits to each course.

At The CPD Group, we provide a robust accreditation service for Continuing Education Providers across the United States of America and around the globe. Our A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D. Framework thoroughly assesses every part of your course against set CPD standards. Published for both instructors and students to see, the Framework highlights the main areas we review for quality assurance, promoting trust and credibility for your training.

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What are the Advantages of CPD Accreditation or Certification for Learners and Providers in the United States?

CPD accreditation offers a multitude of advantages for both students and CPE providers across the US:

Trust Marked Learning: CPE or CPD Accreditation verifies the quality of the CPD activity or course, building trust with students by demonstrating that the CPDs on offer have been fully assessed for quality

Meet Industry Requirements: Upon completing accredited Continuing Professional Education programs, learners can achieve and log verifiable CPD points or credits. These credits can be used to demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development, an important requirement across various states and industries.

Enhanced Credibility: By offering CPD courses and continuous learning that is CPD accredited, CPE educators increase their credibility and create additional value for their learners and students.

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Continuing Education (CE) Requirements in the USA?

The requirements for professionals to complete set hours of CPE or Continuing Education widely differ according to each State and industry.

Law (Continuing Legal Education)

After passing the bar exam, lawyers in many U.S. states and territories must participate in Continuing Legal Education (CLE), also known as Mandatory or Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE). This ongoing professional training, referred to as Continuing Professional Development in some non-U.S. regions, ensures lawyers stay current on legal developments and maintain their licenses to practice.

Medical Professionals (CME)

In the United States, doctors are required to participate in Continuing Medical Education (CME) to maintain their licenses. This ensures they stay on top of the latest medical advancements and best practices. Different states will have differing requirements, for example the Medical Board of California states that “In order to ensure the continuing competence of licensed physician, you must complete a minimum of 50 hours of approved Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours during each biennial renewal cycle.”

CME activities come in a variety of formats - live conferences, online courses, even reading medical journals. No matter the format, these programs are all created and reviewed by experts in specific medical fields, guaranteeing U.S. doctors receive high-quality and relevant information.

Social Workers

Social Workers across the United States are required to keep up with professional development activities to maintain their license. Continuing Education in this field may sometimes be referred to as Continuing Professional Competency or CPC.

For example, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies states that “All licensed social workers and licensed clinical social workers with an Active license status shall maintain Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) and accrue 40 Professional Development Hours.”

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CPD is a global phenomenon which helps professionals around the world keep their knowledge relevant and up to date to ensure the highest career performance. CPD accreditation helps these professionals ensure that the learning they undertake has been assessed for quality.

We've accredited CPD courses from all around the world from a multitude of different industries. If you provide training and are interested in getting accredited - get in touch with us today!

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