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What is CPD in Australia?

In Australia, CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It's the process where professionals across various industries engage in lifelong learning activities to maintain and improve their knowledge, skills, and competence.

Participation can include CPD courses, webinars, events and more! This ensures they stay up-to-date with best practices in their field, ultimately providing better service. Whether it's doctors attending conferences or accountants taking online courses, CPD is essential for professionals to stay registered and advance their careers in Australia.

Is CPD Recognised in Australia?

Like many countries across the globe, Australia shines a light on Continuing Professional Development. The emphasis on professional growth empowers individuals across various industries to continuously improve their skillsets and knowledge base. Many professional bodies, trade associations and educational institutions offer a wealth of CPD courses specifically designed for Australian professions.

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CPD Accreditation Explained

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation in Australia?

CPD certification ensures quality in professional learning activities. Accredited CPD programs meet the high standards set by independent bodies, giving professionals confidence that their chosen courses will enhance their knowledge and skills. This ongoing commitment to professional development is essential for various Australian professions, with CPD requirements enforced by regulatory bodies to ensure practitioners stay up-to-date and competent.

By choosing accredited CPD programs, Australian professionals can demonstrate their dedication to self-development and meet the high standards expected in their field.

At The CPD Group, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional CPD accreditation service. Our rigorous A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D. framework evaluates every area of your course against established criteria. This framework is available to both training providers and learners across Australia, promoting transparency and highlighting the key areas we assess for quality assurance. Choose The CPD Group and elevate your CPD experience!

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What Are The Benefits of CPD Accreditation in Australia?

CPD accreditation offers a multitude of advantages for both learners and training providers within Australia:

Verified Learning: Getting your courses accredited ensures you gain valuable and in-demand skills relevant to your field. The programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise sought after by employers.

Trackable Progress: Successfully completing CPD accredited activities allows you to earn CPD points or credits, that act as proof of your continuous professional development. These points equip you to confidently demonstrate your newly acquired skills and achievements on your CVs, to employers, regulators, or professional organisations.

Enhanced Credibility: It’s incredibly important to demonstrate that the learning you deliver is of the very best quality. As a Training provider, you can assure learners of the course’s quality and enable them to track their professional development. Simply, add more credibility to your learning by getting your courses accredited today!

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CPD Industry Requirements in Australia?

Australia's CPD requirements vary depending on your industry and professional association.


Professions, like engineers seeking Chartered or NER credentials, require 150 hours every three years. This breaks down into 50 hours specific to your practice area, 10 hours on risk management, 15 hours on business and management skills, and 75 hours on broader career interests (including 15 hours on safety, 30 hours on sustainability, and 3 hours on ethics). Keeping up with your CPD requirements also ensures your Engineers Australia Chartered or NER credentials remain valid.

Real Estate

Licensed real estate agents require a minimum of 4 hours of CPD training annually, focusing on compulsory topics relevant to their license category. If you cannot complete your compulsory CPD in a face-to-face or online interactive environment, you must instead complete 10 hours of CPD by an online module. Failure to comply with your CPD requirements may result in the suspension or cancellation of your licence or certificate.


While there's no mandatory national CPD requirement for HR professionals in Australia, maintaining membership in the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) often goes hand-in-hand with career progression. AHRI members must complete a minimum number of CPD points every three years to retain their membership level. These points are earned through activities that enhance HR knowledge and skills, like attending workshops, conferences, or even reading industry news. This structure ensures HR professionals affiliated with AHRI stay updated on the latest practices and regulations within the Australian HR landscape.

*These are just a few examples. It's important to check with your specific industry association or regulatory body to determine the exact CPD requirements for your profession in Australia.

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CPD is a worldwide practice that enables professionals to stay on top of their professional development. By engaging in CPD, you ensure that your knowledge and skills are relevant and up to date, leading to higher performance and career achievement.

At The CPD Group, we accredit courses across a variety of industries and locations worldwide, signifying that training provided across the globe meets our robsut quality standards.

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