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Can I Get a Job with a CPD Certificate?
Jess Hart   8th February 2023
Taking a CPD Accredited course is an excellent way to improve your skills and stay up to date with industry advancements, but can they really get you that job you’ve always wanted? Continue reading to find out!
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Top Tip Tuesday #2: Organising Text
Jess Hart   2nd February 2023
Liz is back with another Top Tip Tuesday to help you ace your CPD Activities! This week, it's all about text and how to organise it.
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Website Best Practice #1: How to Add Hyperlinks to Website Images (WordPress + HTML)
Read this simple guide to learn how to add clickable hyperlinks to your website images!
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What are the benefits of CPD Provider Accreditation?
In today's blog post, Dan, our Business Development Manager, is here to discuss the benefits of become a CPD Accredited Provider with The CPD Group!
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Why You Should Invest in Your Employee's Professional Development
Investing in your employee's professional development can help you create a workforce that is satisfied, productive and excited about what they do. Continue reading to learn more!
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What to Do When CPD Training Doesn't Meet Your Expectations
When we enrol in a course, we all hope for quality training. However, sometimes things go wrong. Here's what to do when training doesn't go as you expected.
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Looking for Professional Training? Here’s How to Ensure it's Top Quality!
CPD Courses are an excellent tool for building new skills. But how do you ensure that a CPD course meets the criteria? Read on to find out!
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Why You Need to Ditch Traditional Business Cards
Jess Hart   12th January 2023
Technology has levelled up many areas of our day-today lives, making our daily processes and routines easier. If you deliver CPD Training, we’ve got an even better alternative to your traditional business card.
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Do I need a formal training qualification to qualify as a CPD Trainer?
In this blog post, we're answering the question of whether you need a formal qualification in order to get accredited as a CPD Trainer. Read on to learn more!
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What is CPD?
Jess Hart   5th January 2023
CPD is a term that is commonly used in the professional world, but what does it mean, exactly? Continue reading to find out and learn some more about other terms related to CPD.
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What is Blanket Accreditation?
Jess Hart   22nd December 2022
You may have heard the phrase "Blanket Accreditation" used in relation to activity accreditation - but what does it mean? Continue reading to find out!
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Social Media: A Guide for Small Businesses
Jess Hart   20th December 2022
Social Media is a key factor in the success of your small business. Continue reading to learn how to make the most of it!
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Activity Accreditation: 10 Steps to Success!
Emma Owen   15th December 2022
What makes a good course great? Follow our top ten tips on how to make your activities raise CPD standards!
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Are you a Trainer or a Provider?
Emma Owen   8th December 2022
There are many differences between provider accreditation and trainer accreditation. Which accreditation is right for you? Provider? Trainer? or both!
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What's the difference between an activity and a course?
We're here to debunk the difference between an activity and a course. We accredit activities, but what are they?
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What is CPD Employer Accreditation?
Emma Owen   1st December 2022
Our Employer Accreditation gives recognition to companies that prioritise learning and development by investing in their employees continued professional development.
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We're The CPD Awards Headline Sponsor
Emma Owen   29th November 2022
The CPD Group are thrilled to announce that they are the headline sponsors for next year’s prestigious CPD Awards ceremony at The Guildhall in London!
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CPD Vs Awarding Organisations
Emma Owen   26th November 2022
There is often confusion between CPD, Awarding Bodies and formal qualifications. Both refer to organised learning, but there are key differences between them.
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Why Should You Accredit Your Events with us?
Emma Owen   25th November 2022
We understand how busy life gets as an event organiser, so we’ve made event accreditation hassle free so you can enjoy all the benefits of accreditation.
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Emma Owen   25th November 2022
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