Light Touch Accreditation: Webinars

Light Touch Accreditation: Webinars

What is "Light Touch" accreditation in relation to Webinars and Podcasts?

In contrast to our traditional routes of accreditation, our Webinar, Podcasts and Edutorial accreditations operate under a light touch accreditation approach. But what exactly does this mean? Continue reading to find out!

Why are Webinars and Podcasts a "Light Touch" Accreditation?

Webinars and podcasts do not deliver the same formal, structured progression of learning with a definitive point of assessment as "traditional" CPD Activities. Whilst they do have a structure to follow, webinars and podcasts are largely about interactivity and the relaying of information, with more of a focus on the expertise of the individual/s delivering the training. Our light touch accreditation mirrors this in the sense that it isn't as structured and exhaustive as our traditional course accreditation routes. For example, we do not use an A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D Framework in this instance, as the focus is on the individual and the learning outcomes of the webinar or podcast.

With these forms of accreditation, our assessment team will be focusing on two main aspects of your webinar or podcast. Firstly, we will be looking at the individual/s delivering the training. We will ask to see evidence of their expertise. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

-CV or Resume

-Qualifications and Certificates

-Customer Testimonials

-Videos of training/ clips from webinars

-Links to your portfolio or website

We ask to see these materials as the quality of the webinar or podcast itself will very much depend on the individual/s delivering it being clued up and proficient in their area of expertise.

The second element we will focus on is the content and structure of the webinar or podcast. We will ask to see what points and topics will be covered in the webinar, as well as a detailed summary of the webinar or podcast structure. We will then assess this hand in hand with your expertise, making sure there is enough evidence to see that you have the expertise to deliver the topics outlined in your summary.

Light touch accreditation operates on our trust and confidence in you as a trainer or podcast host. You provide us with proof of your expertise and the content you will be covering in your webinar or podcast and our assessment team will make a judgement on whether you can effectively deliver this content. This is why it is known as light touch accreditation, as though we do assess the summary of your webinar and your expertise, it is not as rigorous and "heavy" as our traditional accreditation routes.