Report a CPD Member

Report or Raise a Concern About a CPD Group Member

Here at The CPD Group, we take all comments, feedback, complaints, concerns, queries good, bad or indifferent extremely seriously in order to ensure high standards of CPD.

If you feel that you are unsatisfied with the quality of service you have received from one of our Accredited:

  • Providers
  • Trainers
  • Employers

Or their associated:

  • Activities
  • Events

Please use the form below to get in touch:

Please Note:

We will only respond to complaints relating to:

  • Activities, providers, trainers, events and employers whom claim to be accredited by The CPD Group.
  • Incorrect use of The CPD Group Intellectual Property (logos).
  • We will only investigate if we have been provided with sufficient evidence from the complainant.

In order for us to fully investigate your complaint, please can you provide us with the following information so we can look into this further:

Accreditation Details
* Provider/ Activity/ Trainer Accreditation Number (this is a unique number issued to all customers of The CPD Group):
* Provider/ Activity/ Trainer/ Employer/ Event Name:
Supporting Evidence
* Any supporting evidence, such as copies of certificates, proof of purchase, emails, handouts etc
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Contact Details
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Once we have this information, we will review, investigate and liaise with the Provider/ Trainer if necessary and notify you within 30 days the outcome formally by letter (recorded delivery).

If you are unable to provide any of the requested information above, we will not be in a position to carry out a full and proper investigation and no further action will be taken.

Please rest assured, we take all reports seriously and have a dedicated team who will perform a thorough investigation on your behalf.