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CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development which is the development of your skills throughout your career. CPD enhances your existing knowledge whether that be from your academic education or experience within a field. CPD ensures that qualifications are kept current; learners are assisted in developing job-relevant skills, fills in any knowledge gaps and enables them to adjust to a rapidly changing environment improving their ability to learn and grow.

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While CPD is not recognised as a formal qualification, it is an essential part of a professional’s education and on-going development. Formal qualifications are usually needed to enter a profession, however, to maintain standards, keep up with new research/techniques and to develop within the chosen profession CPD becomes a crucial tool.

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Most industry governing bodies or membership bodies ‘target’ their members by completing ‘xx number of hours/credits/points’ of CPD within their membership rules. To aid making membership renewals or validation as simple as possible to govern, The CPD Group displays this information on their Activity Accreditation stamps/logos.

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CPD is recognised worldwide! In most areas of the world Continuing Professional Development is known as CPD however in some countries (USA & those who follow their principles) they use a variety of alternative terms, such as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to signify successful completion of non-regulated programmes and courses, and also have industry specific sub-categories(I.e. CME – Continuing Medical Education, CLE – Continuing Legal Education). As long as the CPD ‘earned’ is relevant to the individual’s professional development, CPD can be recorded/accepted as either CME/CLE etc. The reverse also applies.

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We’re not shy here at The CPD Group! We’re renowned for our exceptional customer service and there are multiple ways to get in touch with our team should you need some advice or guidance throughout your application. Raise a support ticket, drop us an email, give us a call or find us on social media! We’re available 8:30am-5:30pm throughout the week to help you with all your accreditation needs.

When we use the term ‘CPD Provider’, we’re referring to a company or organisation that possesses the credibility and expertise to deliver effective CPD learning.
Our FREE CPD Provider Approval service assesses your company to ensure that you are CPD ready and meet our required standards. Once we’ve assessed your organisation, you’ll receive a unique logo, certificate, and approval number that you can use to display your company’s CPD Provider status. By becoming a CPD Provider with us, you’re demonstrating to your customers that you’re fully equipped to deliver high quality learning, and that they can trust the service you will deliver.
Not only will your organisation feature on The CPD Register free of charge, but you will also be issued with a unique approval number and logo as well as your very own CPD Provider certificate to proudly display in your establishment!
The application process is simple and paperless, saving you hassle whilst also doing your bit to save the planet. We’ll need you to upload some details about your company, such as your company address, contact details and what your company does. We’ll also need to know what policies your business has to give us an insight into how your company operates. Once you’ve done this, submit your application and our team will aim to review it within a few working days. Simple!
Yes! It really is free, there are no catches in having your company approved by us.
Unfortunately, we can’t provide the whole accreditation service for free, that wouldn't be a very good business plan. That's why our accreditation service is in two simple steps.
Step 1. Approving your business for free.
Step 2. Accrediting your individual activities for a small cost. Don’t worry, we provide flexible payment plans and we’re up to 50% cheaper than our competitors. Use our price calculator to see how much your accreditation will be.
The customer is at the heart of everything we do. Not only are your accredited services fully searchable on The CPD Register, but our marketing team frequently share our customers’ accredited services on The CPD Group’s social media pages giving additional exposure at no additional cost to your business.

Activity Enquiries

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We have made it easier (and faster!) than ever to get your activities accredited. Simply head to your account, click into ‘Manage My Activities’ and start uploading your activities! You’ll need to submit everything that your learners are given i.e. manuals, tests, learning outcomes etc. Once uploaded submit your activity for our assessors to assess against our international recognised ACCREDITED Framework.
Generally, we aim to review your activity within 2-3 weeks. Please note that turnaround times will depend on the length and type of activity. During peak periods, please allow up to 6 weeks for activity accreditation.
No. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach especially as we accredit many different types of activities. Our Accreditation Compliance team uses NOS guidelines where applicable and will be looking to make sure that your activity meets the ACCREDITED Framework criteria.
We will never simply refuse accreditation. We’re people helping people and we are committed to helping our customers reach high CPD standards. Should our accreditation team feel that there are areas that require improvement, we will relay this feedback back to you and support you in implementing these suggestions. Once you have made the necessary amendments simply resubmit and our team will reassess these changes against the ACCREDITED Framework.
We encourage customers to update activities in line with new techniques, research, technology, legislation and more. We expect that you may need to make amendments throughout your commitment period. Updated activities must be re-submitted and re-accredited but please be assured this will come at no additional cost to you and your accreditation will still run. This is just part of our commitment to raising CPD standards.
Here at The CPD Group, we are big on protecting intellectual property (it’s a major part of our ACCREDITED Framework) so you can be certain your materials are safe with us. All work that we are sent is covered by a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) meaning no-one outside of the Accreditation Compliance Team will be given or shown your materials.

Trainer Enquiries

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If you were to sit a training activity, how would you know that the person delivering the training has the correct and relevant qualifications/knowledge? The CPD Trainer Accreditation takes out the guesswork. As The CPD Group assesses you as an individual against our CPD Framework ensuring you have relevant certificates, policies and documentation to back up your skills and knowledge. You can then advertise this to your students to instil trust that you have the credentials to carry out the activity.
If you’re an individual educational provider such as a tutor, trainer, lecturer, instructor, teacher, academic, counsellor, educator, advisor, demonstrator, coach, mentor or guide, you’re eligible to become a CPD accredited trainer.
In order to assess you as a CPD Trainer, we’ll need you to upload your I.D and a selfie to check you are who you say you are! We also require documents such as your CV listing your experience, along with evidence of any formal qualifications listed (such as a degree or an Award in Education and Training), proof of professional indemnity insurance and a range of policies. You may also choose to upload any supporting documents you feel showcase your expertise and experience as a CPD Trainer.
For Trainer Accreditation, there is a non-refundable upfront accreditation cost of £20+VAT, this cost covers the Accreditation ad Compliance team to assess your application. Once accredited, there is then a £4.99+VAT monthly fee to keep your trainer card active. The accreditation fee does not guarantee that you will be accredited as a CPD Trainer, as we need to verify that you have the appropriate credentials first. However, if you are not approved for accreditation in the first instance, we will carry this accreditation fee over if you decide to resubmit your application. Please also note that the accreditation fee is non-refundable.
Unfortunately not, no. If you do not have the relevant expertise in the area that you would like to train in, we may not be able to accredit you. Each trainer application is assessed on a case by case basis.
Yes! Whereas Provider Accreditation considers you as a whole organisation, Trainer Accreditation assesses your personal credentials as an individual Trainer. Please note you will have to create a new account with a different email address.
CPD Trainer Accreditation lasts for up to three years.
The CPD Trainer card is a digital business card that can be used to share your contact details and credentials with your learners. Simply tap your trainer card on any NFC compatible smartphone or scan the QR code to easily share your credentials.

Pricing & Plans Enquiries

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We are often asked why we charge so much less than other accreditation services. In short, we use the most up-to-date, innovative technology to make our services as efficient as possible. What we save in running costs, we are able to pass on to you, our customers, which is why we charge what we do!
We also feel strongly against charging large, up-front registration fees which is why we offer the opportunity to pay monthly.
Your fees cover the cost of course accreditation. Our specialist accreditation compliance team carefully reviews every course that is submitted to us, verifying the content and closely mapping it against the CPD ACCREDITED Framework. This takes a lot of manpower, so we need to cover our costs!
Yes, for course accreditation depending on what accreditation period you choose, you can also pay for it monthly over the same timeframe (soft credit check pending) which allows you to spread the cost. Find out what your cost would be by using our cost calculator.
We offer 3 Accreditation periods over 12, 24 or a maximum of 36 months. You can choose how long you want your activities accredited for which all depends upon the type of course, industry and of course, budget.
All of our light touch accreditation for both Webinars and Edutorials are valid for 36 months.
Nope! Any cost you see on our website is the cost you pay. For activity accreditation you can use our activity calculator to see what cost that will be for you based on your activity amount and the period in which you’d like the accreditation to last and for trainers, you can find our costs here.

Verification & Register Enquiries

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No. However, we do work closely with The CPD Register to list all of our customers’ accredited services on their independent directory. Having your services available on an independent directory allows learners to search for and verify that your accreditation is valid, in-date and legitimate.
We believe in being transparent and The CPD Register helps us with this. We list all of our accredited Training Providers, Activities and Trainers on the CPD Register so that learners can verify their accreditation status and ensure that the learning they are purchasing has been through a robust assessment to gain accreditation.

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