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Yes it is. We accredit CPD Providers free of charge. Simply go to https://thecpd.group/apply-for-free, register and complete the form.

We know it’s difficult to believe but there isn’t one.

The only additional costs would be if the provider would like their CPD Activities Accredited, or if registering as a CPD Trainer.


Don’t worry. We have template policies that we can supply free of charge. You can use these to edit to create your own.


We don’t have/use a fixed criteria for accrediting as we accredit things from Professional Seminars and Conferences to First-Aid and Healthcare courses across all business sectors. When it comes to learning we don’t believe in ‘One size fits all’.

The accrediting team look for good quality learning (or education) which is clear, concise and fit for the target audience. They use NOS guidelines where available (or applicable) and map the course/activity against national guidelines. Where these are not available they are guided by professionals within the chosen business sector.

In short, we believe in ‘Fit for Purpose’ rather than ‘Fits in a Box’.

Typically, assuming you have sent us everything in application form and the assessors don’t need you to add or change anything, around 2-3 weeks.

We are often asked why we charge so much less than other accreditation services. When we set up our company we were determined to use the best, most up-to-date technology we could to make us as efficient as possible. These cost savings are passed on which is why we can charge what we do.

We also felt strongly against charging a large up-front registration fee, which our customers would have to finance. Instead we take a small monthly fee depending on how many activities/courses you have accredited. After all, our customer’s income is earned by running these activities over a period.

We appreciate that courses or work you send us is your IP. Any work we are sent is covered by a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). No-one outside of the accreditation process will be shown or given your work.

If the accreditation team don’t pass your work, you will receive feedback on what they felt was the issue. This would usually be that there are critical areas from the mapping work not covered in the ‘Learning’, but whatever the reason you will get useful comments. We do want to accredit work but it needs to achieve the necessary learning outcomes. Customers who receive this feedback tell us this was very useful and allowed them to develop a better training activity.

Within the world of CPD the words: Credits, Points and Hours are all used; basically, they are the same thing. The definition of a CPD Credit, Point or Hour is the time that a learner or delegate is expected to be in “active learning”.

Yes. We work closely with our Accredited Providers every step of the way and are always a phone call or an email away!

No. Our accreditation is for up-to 3 years at which time it would need re-accrediting. As research/technology/new thinking advances most courses are ‘out-of-date’ well before that three-year period so we would expect customers to re-evaluate courses and update as necessary. At this point we would hope/expect our CPD Providers re-accredit their course/activity. We do not charge to re-accredit as we see this as part of our customer service to our CPD Providers. In reality, you could say it’s CPD for CPD Providers and fits with the overall ethos.

You can add activities/courses at any time or upgrade to a longer accreditation contract.

The simple answer is no. Once we have completed the accreditation work of your Activities/ Courses and have issued the accreditation number, the accreditation term is fixed on your chosen length of accreditation. Our Activity Accreditation usually takes around two to three weeks, so if you really wanted to cancel, you would need to do so before your first activity has been accredited to avoid any charges. Our Team review each activity on an individual basis, reading through all materials, checking references, etc which along with our brand, reputation and submission to The CPD Register is what our fees cover.

It’s entirely up to you, there is no limit…

No. Our accreditation is used by ‘Learners and Students’ across the world. In most areas of the world, all Continuing Professional Development training is known as CPD, however in some countries (USA & those who follow their principles) they also have sub-categories (I.e. CME – Continuing Medical Education, CLE – Continuing Legal Education). As long as the CPD ‘earned’ is relevant to the individual’s professional development, CPD can be recorded/accepted as either CME/CLE etc. The reverse also applies.

We advise that you have a formal teaching qualification, such as the Award in Education and Training (AET) Qualification and suitable professional indemnity insurance in place as a minimum… plus the necessary qualifications/ expertise/ experience in the area you wish to teach.



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