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Trackable Learning

What are CPD Credits?

Any CPD activity you engage in will earn you a set number of CPD credits, whether it be an online course, seminar, lecture, webinar or workshop. Simply put, CPD credits are a tool to gage how much CPD a learner has accomplished.

Calculating CPD Credits

How are CPD Credits measured?

Usually, how many hours you spend on an activity determines how many CPD credits are associated with it. If a classroom course lasts 5 hours, for example, you will earn 5 CPD credits for it.

It's important to note that this only includes the hours spent actively engaging in learning. Two courses that span over different periods of time may still carry the same amount of CPD credits. For example, one course may span over 12 weeks but learning takes place for an hour each week. A different course may take place over two days, but learners are in the classroom for 6 hours each day. Both of these courses will be worth 12 CPD credits, as learners were engaged in learning for 12 hours total in each case.

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Why are CPD Credits Important?

With the ever-growing requirement for professionals, cross sector, to complete, record and evidence their ongoing professional development activities, offering CPD credits to your learners is an excellent selling point. Learners will be able to log their CPD credits in their portfolio as proof of their professional development. This is valuable to your customers, as they will have recordable evidence of their new skills to add to their CV and log with their employer, regulator, or professional body.

There are an increasing number of industries that require a certain amount of CPD credits to be completed per year. This includes industries like counselling, nursing, teaching, construction and more. Evidencing CPD credits demonstrates to the employer that their staff are staying up to date with their professional knowledge and expertise.

Are CPD Points and CPD Credits the same?
Yes, these terms mean the same thing. Sometimes, people will refer to CPD Credits as CPD Points, but they both refer to the same concept.

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