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What is CPD in Ireland?

Continuing Professional Development covers any activity that enables individuals to acquire new skills, knowledge, or expertise. CPD goes beyond just ticking a box - it's about actively seeking opportunities to benefit your career but also enhance your performance in your current role.

Participation in high-quality CPD courses, webinars, events, or any form of CPD showcases prospective employers across Ireland that you have a strong commitment to self-improvement and a continuous pursuit of growth. It sets you apart in a competitive market, positioning you as a valuable asset.

Is CPD Recognised in Ireland?

Just like the UK and other European countries, Ireland recognises and values CPD. Ireland places great importance on professional development and encourages individuals across a variety of industries to engage in CPD activities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Many professional bodies, trade associations, and educational providers offer Continuing Professional Development programs tailored to Irish professions and industries. A number of these organisations seek CPD accreditation from reputable bodies to ensure their programmes deliver exceptional value.

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CPD Accreditation Explained

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation in Ireland?

CPD accreditation plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities within Ireland. It acts as a formal recognition that a CPD program meets specific industry benchmarks, giving learners confidence in the value of their chosen training.

At The CPD Group we are dedicated to providing an exceptional CPD accreditation service. Our A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D. Framework ensures every aspect of your course is meticulously evaluated against established criteria. This framework, available for both training providers and learners across Ireland, fosters transparency and highlights the key areas we assess for quality assurance, raising CPD standards.

Investing in CPD Accreditation/Certification signifies your commitment to professional excellence.

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What Are The Benefits of CPD Accreditation in Ireland?

CPD accreditation offers a multitude of advantages for both learners and training providers within Ireland:

Verified Learning: Accredited courses guarantee valuable and relevant learning experiences, equipping participants with sought-after skills and knowledge in their fields.

Trackable Progress: Successfully completing accredited CPD programs allows learners to earn verifiable CPD points or credits. These credits can be used to demonstrate ongoing professional development, a requirement in many industries.

Enhanced Credibility: Training providers can distinguish themselves by offering CPD accredited courses. This assures learners of the program's quality and grants them the ability to confidently track their Continuing Professional Development progress.

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CPD Industry Requirements in Ireland?

Many sectors across Ireland have mandatory Continuing Professional Development requirements to ensure high standards are maintained. Here’s a breakdown of some key sectors:


Under the Pharmacy Act 2007, CPD is a mandatory requirement for pharmacists in Ireland in order to continue their annual registration with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI). Both full-time and Locum Pharmacists are required to keep a record of their CPD and be able to demonstrate evidence of this to the Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) on request.


Law Society of Ireland requires solicitors holding a Practising Certificate to complete a minimum of 20 CPD hours each year. A solicitor who is a sole practitioner, compliance partner and/or anti-money laundering compliance partner must complete a minimum of 3 hours of management and professional development skills and a minimum of 3 hours of regulatory matters.


Under the Medical Practitioners Act 2007, all general practitioners in Ireland who are registered with the Irish Medical Council (IMC) are legally required to engage in CPD by enrolling in professional competence schemes. This obligation applies to both full-time and Locum Doctors.


CPA Members must complete 120 hours of CPD over a three-year cycle, with a split between structured and unstructured learning, and specific core competency requirements. Structured CPD includes all CPD which has learning as the primary objective and which is measurable and verifiable; this can be either directed or self-directed study.

*These are just a few examples. Remember to consult your specific professional bodies website for the latest and most accurate information on CPD requirements for your field in Ireland.

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CPD is a global phenomenon which helps professionals around the world keep their knowledge relevant and up to date to ensure the highest career performance. CPD accreditation helps these professionals ensure that the learning they undertake has been assessed for quality.

We've accredited CPD courses from all around the world from a multitude of different industries. If you provide training and are interested in getting accredited - get in touch with us today!

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