Light Touch Accreditation: Edutorials

Light Touch Accreditation: Edutorials

Light Touch Accreditation: Edutorials

Recently, The CPD Group have released two new innovative accreditations; Edutorials and Webinars. Both operate under a “light touch” accreditation approach. But what do we mean when we refer to “light touch accreditation”? Read this blog to find out!

This blog post will focus on Edutorial accreditation, read this article to find out more about Webinars!

Why are Edutorials a “Light Touch Accreditation”?

The “light touch” approach of Edutorials offers several benefits for authors and publishers. First, it is a quick and efficient way to ensure that educational content meets high standards for quality and relevance. This means that authors and publishers can get their content accredited and published faster, allowing them to reach their target audience more quickly. Traditional accreditation routes can be time consuming, and publications often have a high volume of articles within them. 

Second, the light-touch approach is less resource-intensive than other accreditation services, meaning it is more cost-effective for authors and publishers. This is particularly important for smaller publishers or independent authors who may not have the resources to invest in a more comprehensive accreditation process.

Finally, the light-touch approach still provides assurance to learners that the content they are reading is of high quality and relevant to their professional development. This is because Edutorials still undergo a review process by experienced assessors, ensuring that the content meets the necessary standards for accreditation.

How does it work?

To get your Edutorials accredited, you will first need to become a CPD Accredited Provider. This is a free process that accredits your company, ensuring you are CPD ready. Once you are accredited as a CPD Provider, you will then have the option to accredit your Edutorials from within your account. You will need to choose the number of publications you would like to accredit, and then you can submit your articles for assessment. Simple!

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