How to Accredit an Online CPD Course

How to Accredit an Online CPD Course

Online CPD courses are one of the most accessible ways to engage in professional development. They are flexible, convenient, and allow learners to progress at their own pace. Online CPDs allow learners from around the world to gain CPD credits and points from any location.

Whilst the benefits of online Continuing Professional Development are clear - the online learning space is a highly saturated market; so how can you get your online courses noticed?

CPD accreditation or certification can help your course to truly stand out from the crowd. Continuing Professional Development accreditation is an indicator of quality that shows students and employers that your program meets specific CPD standards.

Why should I accredit my online CPD courses?

By using a trusted CPD certification service like The CPD Group, you can access a number of important benefits...

Build Trust with Learners 🤝

CPD accreditation goes a long way in building trust with potential learners. It demonstrates that a third party has assessed your course ensuring it has all the correct elements in place to deliver a high quality learning experience.

Ensuring Quality ✅

CPD accreditation guarantees that your course meets high educational standards, and can be a great improvement exercise. Once your online CPD course has been certified by an accreditation body like The CPD Group, you'll know that it reaches the very highest standard.

Marketing Material 📢

Gaining CPD accreditation for your online CPD learning is a great marketing tool that can help you attract more learners. Displaying accreditation logos and offering CPD credits adds even more value for your potential clients.

How do I accredit my online CPD course?

Let's take a look at how you can gain CPD accreditation for your online courses...

👉Step 1: Find the Right Fit for CPD Accreditation 🔍

There are a few accreditation providers out there, so it's important to find the best fit for you.

The CPD Group are proud to be the most recommended and most trusted CPD Accreditation Service Provider available.

Each accrediting body has its own set of CPD criteria and processes for accreditation. Research these organisations thoroughly at The CPD Register to determine which one aligns best with your course objectives and visit our CPD Framework to give you ideas of what The CPD Group look for whilst assessing and reviewing your online course for accreditation.

👉Step 2: Learn About the Assessment Criteria

Once you've identified your chosen accreditation body, it's important to look into their assessment criteria. This might involve course content quality, clear learning objectives, effective assessments, qualified instructors, and proper student support. You can view our course assessment criteria here!

👉Step 3: Create Your Engaging Online Course

To meet accreditation standards, your course materials need to be top-notch. This means using engaging multimedia elements, structuring content into clear modules, and providing easy-to-follow instructions for navigating the course.

To meet accreditation standards, your course materials must be of high quality. This includes:

  • Engaging Content: Use multimedia elements like videos, quizzes, and interactive activities.
  • Structured Modules: Organise content into well-defined modules or units.
  • Clear Instructions: Provide clear guidelines on how students should navigate through the online course.

👉Step 4: Implement Effective Assessment Strategies

CPD Accrediting bodies place significant emphasis on assessment methods. Ensure that your assessments are:

  • Aligned with Learning Outcomes: Assessments should directly measure whether students have achieved the learning outcomes outlined in any marketing materials or handbooks.
  • Varied: Use a mix of quizzes, assignments, projects, and exams to evaluate different skills.
  • Fair and Transparent: Provide clear assessment criteria and feedback mechanisms.

Effective assessments not only satisfy CPD accrediting bodies but also enhance your student's learning experiences.

👉Step 5: Gather Your Documentation

Accreditation often requires submitting detailed documentation like a course summary with learning outcomes, instructor CVs showcasing qualifications, sample assessments, and methods for collecting and addressing student feedback.

👉Step 6: Submit Your Application

Once you have everything prepared, submit your application to your chosen accrediting body. This typically involves filling out forms, selecting an accreditation plan, and submitting your course for review. Be prepared for potential follow-up questions.

👉Step 7: Decision Time

After submitting your application, experts in education and training will thoroughly review your course to see if it meets the CPD Framework standards for accreditation. Upon successful completion, you'll receive official accreditation status and guidelines on how to display it on your course materials.

So... what's the advantage of CPD accreditation for online courses?

CPD accreditation significantly boosts the value of your online course by ensuring it meets high educational standards. By following these steps, you can navigate the accreditation process and position your course for greater success. Remember, accreditation isn't just about credibility; it opens doors to wider marketing reach, value for learners, and overall achievement.

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