What Does CPD Stand For?

What Does CPD Stand For?

What does CPD stand for? 🤔

In this blog, we're going to explain CPD...

What is the definition of CPD?

In the world of professional learning, the term CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development.

It may also be referred to as Continuous Professional Development or Continual Professional Development. In other countries like the US, it may be referred to as CPE or CE, which stands for Continuous Professional Education or Continuing Education.

In terms of CPD in the UK, the phrase most commonly used is Continuing Professional Development.

What does CPD mean?

The phrase Continuing Professional Development refers to any activity that helps individuals working in any profession to maintain and develop their skills and expertise.


The practice of CPD is essential in ensuring that professionals are up to date on the latest in their industry, and are fully clued up with new developments and progressions in their field. CPD is crucial in ensuring that professionals can perform to the best of their ability in their role. CPDs such as in-person seminars, events, conferences, workshops and podcasts, online training such as online courses and webinars are all excellent ways for people to engage in professional learning and earn CPD points or credits.


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Where does CPD UK Accreditation fit in to this?


If someone is looking for quality CPD in their field, they should check to make sure it has received accreditation from a training accreditation body like The CPD Group. Accreditation is where an external body assesses the CPD course using certain criteria or framework to ensure it delivers a quality learning experience to the end user.

If a course is accredited by The CPD Group, it will carry an accreditation logo and activity number that you can verify on The CPD Register.


If you'd like to learn how to get accreditation for training courses, you can get started by signing up as an approved provider here!


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