Using New A.I Technology in Business

Using New A.I Technology in Business

Using A.I for Business

It's no secret that technology has revolutionised the way we work and communicate, and with the recent development of softwares and applications that use artificial intelligence to enhance productivity and efficiency, it has made the creation of various forms of media more streamlined and time efficient. By using algorithms to extract information from a vast pool of resources available on the internet, we can now automate a range of tasks like writing paragraphs, generating images and videos from a single prompt.

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Chat GPT

One example of such technology is Chat GPT. This virtual assistant works like a search engine, gathering information from across the internet and constructing it into a coherent answer to match the user’s prompt. While it may seem like something to play around with, Chat GPT’s capabilities go far beyond the simple Q&A. For instance, by using specific prompts Chat GPT can enhance already written content by asking it to add extra flare or creativity and just copy pasting your text inside it can provide fresh insights and perspectives that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. It can also recommend tools and softwares that can be used to complete your specific tasks or even suggest techniques and methods to get through your workload more efficiently.

The Capabilities of new A.I technology

There is now a new A.I software each month and each seems to have a use that can be applied to any business. One example of this is Descript. This website uses A.I to replicate your voice and be able to generate unlimited audio recordings without actually doing them yourself! Initially, you have to give it about 10 minutes of footage of yourself speaking but upon doing so you are able to create entire podcast episodes without saying a word. This can be utilised within any kind of content creation and there are even softwares such as D-ID where you can upload your script and have a generated video of a person presenting your speech.

As well as being able to provide unlimited responses to any provided prompt there are A.I systems being created for more general tasks such as predictive analytics where machine learning algorithms are used to analyse large datasets and predict future outcomes, this gives us the ability to have an accurate estimation on our analytics. There are also emerging systems dedicated to automating simple tasks like data entry and extraction, overall, by utilising different A.I systems where possible we can improve the efficiency of our business regardless of the industry by automating the time-consuming tasks, we can spare more time to improve other areas.

Is A.I Good or Bad?

So within the first year of the A.I boom you can create entire videos without actually needing to think for it, you can use Chat GPT to write a script for anything and then use an A.I model to present it. This has given birth to "automated influencers" where the actual creator doesn’t have to get in front of a camera but can still get their message across.

With new A.I technology becoming more and more accessible, it’s not difficult to imagine people with negative intentions using A.I.The question of is A.I good or bad can be applied to any other technology. Even though this is more advanced than anything we’ve ever seen before, there is still a human element required. Businesses can utilise this software to create written content for things like emails and social media, and assist in research for training videos.

So, A.I for the time being is still just a tool but with the rate it has been growing can we be sure using these new technologies won’t have any negative implications in the future? And is it worth it to decide not to use it in the first place knowing there are people who will use it and will be able to do exactly what you’re doing but better?

We'll leave that question up to you!