Introducing: Podcast Accreditation

Introducing: Podcast Accreditation

Introducing: Podcast Accreditation! 


Here at The CPD Group, we're always on the lookout for innovative ways to acknowledge the constantly evolving, diverse forms of Continuing Professional Development that are on offer. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest initiative: Podcast accreditation!

In today's dynamic world, podcasts have emerged as a popular and convenient medium for learning and professional growth in all industries and sectors. We recognise the immense value and quality of the educational content delivered through podcasts, and we believe it's essential to give them the recognition they deserve.

Our Podcast accreditation programme is designed to shine a spotlight on the outstanding learning experiences offered through podcasts. We understand that podcasts have the power to deliver insightful discussions, thought-provoking interviews, and valuable knowledge-sharing in a convenient and accessible format. Podcasts can be listened to anywhere and anytime, and so offer a unique take on professional development in a less formal and rigid setting. 

By accrediting podcasts, we aim to honour the dedication and expertise of podcast creators, hosts, and listeners. We want to inspire individuals to engage in continuous learning by exploring the vast range of educational podcasts available across various topics and industries.

How does podcast accreditation work?

Getting your podcasts accredited is simple…

Step 1) Become a CPD Provider 

Before you accredit your podcast with us, you'll need to become a  CPD Provider  so we know you're CPD ready. 


Step 2) Choose Your Podcast Accreditation Plan

Once you’re accredited as a CPD Approved provider, you’ll have the option to accredit various CPD activities including courses, webinars, edutorials, and, of course, podcasts! Once you’ve chosen your plan, you can start to upload your podcasts for review. 

Step 3) Upload Details about You

We'll assess the expertise of the person or people delivering the podcast, ensuring they are qualified to do so. 


Step 4) Upload Your Podcast Contents

We'll need to see a detailed summary of the podcast contents to ensure a quality listening experience. 

Step 5) Receive Your Accreditation and Unique Verification Number 

When we’ve assessed your podcast and are happy to provide accreditation, we will provide

you with a unique accreditation number to read in your podcast that allows your listeners to download their CPD certificate!

Why accredit your Podcasts?

Enhanced Value for Your Listeners

By getting your podcasts accredited, you will provide added value to your listeners by enabling them to earn trackable CPD minutes from each podcast episodes. Additionally, you can offer an accredited CPD certificate, allowing listeners to evidence of their professional development. This provides tangible proof of their new skills and accomplishments, enhancing their CVs and enabling them to share their achievements with their employer, regulator, or professional body.

Greater Value for You!

Our podcast accreditation services not only benefit your listeners but also deliver significant value to you as the content provider. Firstly, our accreditation services are up to 50% cheaper than those offered by our competitors, providing you with double the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Secondly, you gain access to who has used your podcast verification code. This offers valuable insight into who is actively engaged with your podcasts. Additionally, CPD Accreditation serves as a powerful marketing tool for your podcast, as learners can easily identify the superior quality of your educational content.

Join us in embracing the exciting world of podcasting and seize the incredible learning opportunities they provide. Let's take CPD to new heights and make a positive impact on professional development through the power of podcasts!

Get started today!