Can You Put CPD on Your CV?

Can You Put CPD on Your CV?

Question: Can You Put CPD on Your CV?

If you're looking for a job, it's important to highlight your qualifications but it's also important to show your commitment to your ongoing professional development and continuous learning. A great way to do this is by including evidence of "Continuous Professional Development" such as CPD certificates and CPD credits. Continue reading to learn more about the value of CPD and its impact on your potential employers!

What is CPD and why is it important?

CPD is any activity that allows its participants to learn a new skills, knowledge or expertise that will aid their career and allow them to perform better in their current role. Engaging in quality CPD courses, webinars, events, or CPD in any form demonstrates to potential employers that you are dedicated to upskilling yourself and that you have a strong drive to continuously improve. This will make you stand out from other candidates and serve as an indication of your personal drive and enthusiasm for what you do.

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Is CPD Relevant to Your CV?

Yes! CPD is an excellent addition to your CV that will help you stand out and showcase your skills. Engaging in regular CPD demonstrates to any employer that you take a proactive approach to your career and are invested in furthering your skills and knowledge. Good employers value this in candidates, as it shows that you have a will to learn and grow within their company and go the extra mile to better yourself.

Adding CPD to your CV can increase your chances of getting picked for the job!

How to you display your CPD in your CV?

Create a Dedicated Section: Include a dedicated section titled "Professional Development" or "CPD" on your CV to highlight your commitment to ongoing learning.

Outline Relevant CPD Activities: Provide a brief overview of the CPD activities you have undertaken. This can include conferences, workshops, courses, or any other relevant training you have completed.

Specify Dates and Providers: Be sure to include the dates of completion for each CPD activity and the reputable providers or institutions from which you received the training. This adds credibility to your CPD achievements.

Focus on Relevance: Highlight CPD activities that are directly related to the position or industry you are applying for. Emphasise how the skills or knowledge gained through CPD can contribute to your potential role.

Include Key Achievements: Summarise the key learnings or achievements from each CPD activity, showcasing the valuable skills or insights you have gained.

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How do I find great CPD?

One way to ensure that a CPD course is quality is if it has been accredited by a CPD Accreditation Body like The CPD Group. CPD Accreditation is the process of recognising and validating that professional development courses meet certain standards and criteria. It's also a good idea to search The CPD Register. This is an independent register of CPD accredited courses, providers, and trainers. You can verify a CPD course by looking for the accreditation number displayed on their logo. If the course is genuinely accredited, it should appear when you search this number on the register.

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CPD on your CV can help get you that new job!

Answer: Yes! CPD is a great addition to any CV.

By including CPD on your CV, you demonstrate that you are proactive, adaptable, and invested in your professional growth. This can significantly impact your career prospects, as it showcases your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Employers will seek candidates who show a willingness to learn, adapt, and embrace new challenges. Your CPD accomplishments can set you apart from other candidates and enhance your chances of securing interviews and job offers!