Elevating Academia: Why is CPD Important in Universities?

Elevating Academia: Why is CPD Important in Universities?

At The CPD Group, we have a wide range of approved providers that offer courses and learning activities covering a huge range of topics and specialisms. In this week's newsletter, we are going to be focusing on some of our University providers and the types of CPD that they offer to both staff, students and external learners.

Whilst universities primarily provide degree-level qualifications, University and staff and students themselves may participate in CPD activities too. Firstly, let's take a look at some examples from some of our brilliant approved providers.

Birkbeck University has an innovative CPD accredited mentorship programme

Birkbeck University Mentoring Pathways Programme

The Mentoring Pathways programme offers Birkbeck University graduates and corporate partners the opportunity to mentor a current Birkbeck undergraduate or postgraduate finalist. The programme aims to support students career aspirations and expose them to professional networks, by bridging the gap between academic learning and workplace practices.

This particular scheme is great for students as it helps to improve skills such as coaching and active listening. The CPD Group have accredited the mentoring training that participants receive; so they will receive trackable CPD points as well as gaining valuable experience.

How does mentorship promote CPD for both mentors and mentees?

Mentorship programmes are a great form of CPD in any industry; Birkbeck's programme serves as a great example to anyone looking for innovative forms of CPD for their own programmes.

Being a mentor offers a rewarding form of CPD that deepens understanding, enhances communication skills, promotes leadership, encourages innovation, builds confidence and brings personal fulfilment. Not to mention it encourages CPD for the mentee too!

The mentoring programme has helped students and mentors from the University develop their skills.

By embracing mentoring opportunities, professionals can continue to learn, grow, and make a positive impact on others, ultimately enriching both their own careers and the broader professional community!

Learn more about the programme here: https://campaign.bbk.ac.uk/mentoring/

The University of Buckingham are prioritising CPD opportunities for their staff

University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham prioritises staff development alongside student education. To achieve this, they are implementing an increasing number of internal training events that are currently going through the accreditation process with The CPD Group.

When discussing the University's new courses, Trevor Ray, the Learning and Development Manager at the University stated:

"We have chosen to do this at it helps both the University and individual staff members, regardless of their role or level within the organisation. The University maintains a highly skilled, engaged and motivated workforce whilst also giving individuals development opportunities that are up to date, relevant to their roles and have clearly defined, tangible benefits."

One such program is the internal leadership development course. This nine-month program guides participants, many of whom are new to leadership roles, on a journey of development. Through the program, they acquire key leadership skills and gain valuable self-awareness.

What can CPD look like at Universities?

We've had a look at what some of our CPD approved providers offer... but what are some more examples of what CPD may look like at Universities?

Workshops and Seminars: Universities often offer workshops and seminars covering various topics relevant to professional development. These could include sessions on teaching methodologies, research skills, academic writing, or leadership and management in academia.

Continuing Education Courses: Many universities provide continuing education courses aimed at professionals seeking to enhance their skills or knowledge in specific areas. These courses may cover topics such as data analysis, project management, language proficiency, or emerging trends in a particular field.

Conferences and Events: Universities frequently host conferences and events where academics and professionals gather to present research findings, discuss current issues, and network with peers. Participation in these events can contribute to CPD by exposing individuals to new ideas, research methodology and more!

Latest news updates on CPD at Universities...

Universities often have the resources to offer specialist and pioneering CPD opportunities in collaboration with other companies or institutions, to fill a specific skills gap or educate professionals on emerging developments...

👉 University of Portsmouth Launches CPD Course to Fill Space Sector Skills Gap

The University of Portsmouth, along with Southampton and Surrey, received £350,000 from the UK Space Agency. This funding will create a new CPD course aimed at mid-career professionals. The course focuses on software, data science, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address the growing need for these skills in the space sector.

Dr. Becky Canning, a space expert at the University of Portsmouth, highlights the importance of this initiative. She emphasises the constant evolution of software, data, and AI, making it difficult for companies to stay ahead. Dr. Canning stresses that these digital skills are crucial to drive innovation and achieve goals outlined in the National Space Strategy.

Learn more about the CPD programme below 👇


👉 City, University of London and ARuVR® launch the UK's First CPD Course for AR, VR, and MR Knowledge

A joint effort by ARuVR® and City, University of London marks a significant development in the Extended Reality (XR) landscape. They have launched the UK's first Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course specifically designed for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). This groundbreaking course aims to address a critical skills gap within the UK, offering unparalleled opportunities for professionals across various industries.

Learn more 👇


Universities: A Diverse Range of CPD Opportunities 🎓

Universities offer a wealth of different opportunities for university staff and students to develop their careers. Not only this, but they can provide the resources to offer pioneering CPD courses on the latest research and developments.

When looking for CPD, keep an eye out for our accreditation logos!

If you are looking for high quality CPD, be sure to look out for our accreditation logos to make sure it has been assessed for quality. If you want to deliver CPD of your own, be sure to check out our wide range of accreditation services!

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