Why You Need to Ditch Traditional Business Cards

Why You Need to Ditch Traditional Business Cards

Why You NEED to Ditch Traditional Business Cards.

Technology has levelled up many areas of our day-today lives, making our daily processes and routines easier. If you deliver CPD Training, we’ve got an even better alternative to your traditional business card.

Business cards are flimsy, bad for the environment, expensive to print, and let’s be honest, they usually end up in the bottom of someone’s handbag or left in someone’s pocket and accidentally thrown in the wash (oops!). What if there was a better way to share your details, that meant your customers would never lose your details ever again? Well, good news, there is!

CPD Trainer cards are sturdy, eco-friendly, and you only need one to share your details with thousands of potential customers. Win!

How do they work?

CPD Trainer cards allow you to share your contact details with people with a tap on any NFC compatible smartphone. Not NFC Compatible? Don’t worry, all you need to do is ask whoever you’re sharing your details with to scan the QR code displayed on the back of your Trainer Card – simple! Not only can you share your contact details, but you can also share your CPD Trainer credentials and verify that you’re accredited with us. Pretty cool, right!?

How do I get my CPD Trainer Card?

In order to get your CPD Trainer Card, you’ll need to become a CPD Accredited Trainer with us. This comes with a whole other range of benefits. You’ll receive an accredited Trainer Certificate, verifiable logo, and accreditation number, and be listed on The CPD Register – the directory of all things CPD! This will allow your potential customers to find you more easily, as well as verify your accredited trainer status.

In order to become a CPD Trainer, you’ll need to submit a £20.00 (+VAT) accreditation fee, followed by a monthly £4.99 (+VAT) Trainer Card subscription fee.

Who can become a CPD Trainer?

If you’re an individual educational provider such as a tutor, trainer, lecturer, instructor, teacher, academic, educator, advisor, demonstrator, coach, mentor, or guide, you’re eligible to become a CPD accredited trainer.

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