Are CPD Courses Recognised? Get CPD Certified!

Are CPD Courses Recognised? Get CPD Certified!

Are CPD Courses Recognised? 🤔

If you deliver CPD courses or activities, you might have found yourself asking the following questions… 👇

“Are CPD courses recognised?”

“How do I get accreditation for my training?”

"What does CPD accreditation mean?”

Well, we’re here to clear up any confusion and provide a straightforward answer to these important questions.


Is CPD Recognised?

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)  is recognised around the world as an excellent way to develop knowledge and skills in all industries and professions. Many industry bodies recognise CPD as a valuable method for career progression. For example, teachers, lawyers and nurses all have a required amount of CPD hours they need to complete per year.

CPD courses, webinars, events, and all types of CPD are recognised by accreditation companies like The CPD Group who offer a dedicated CPD certification service.

What does CPD accreditation mean?

CPD accreditation refers to when a third party like The CPD Group assesses a course against a set of standards or criteria (like our A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D Framework) This is to ensure that the course meets various CPD quality standards, giving learners confidence and trust in your course.

This accreditation process recognises the value of CPD, taking into account elements like learning objectives and outcomes, the accessibility of the course, learning delivery methods and more. This ensures that the CPD course is delivering a high quality learning experience, and the correct amount of CPD credits or points are assigned.

CPD Accredited Courses will receive a CPD accreditation logo to evidence their accreditation.

Once CPD accreditation has been granted, CPD providers will achieve accreditation certificates and CPD certified logos to evidence their accreditation. These certificates and logos can be used to demonstrate that their courses have been assessed for quality.  These can be used as an important indicator when marketing the CPD course. Learners will also be able to verify course accreditation via The CPD Register by searching for the accreditation number shown on the logo.

I’m a training provider, how do I get accreditation for my training? 

CPD Providers can receive accreditation from a CPD certification service like The CPD Group that recognises quality professional development of all kinds.

Here at The CPD Group, our accreditation process comes in three stages…

1) Sign up as a CPD Approved Provider for FREE. This approves your business as a whole and helps us get to know your business and the professional development services you offer.

2) Choose your CPD course accreditation plan. We have a range of flexible plans and pricing schemes to help make accreditation accessible to all.

3)  Accredit your CPD Trainers. Once your courses have received CPD accreditation, the next stage is accrediting the professionals who deliver your learning.

So…are CPD Courses recognised? 🤔

Yes they are! 🙌

Not only are they widely recognised in the professional world to deliver valuable knowledge and skills, but they are recognised by accreditation services like The CPD Group through the process of CPD accreditation.

If you want to get your CPD courses accredited and receive CPD certification, get started by signing up here.