Introducing: CPD Webinar Accreditation!

Introducing: CPD Webinar Accreditation!

The CPD Group are excited to announce our brand new bespoke Webinar accreditation!

At The CPD Group, we want to stay ahead of the curve and find innovative ways to recognise CPD of every kind. With this in mind, we've developed Webinar accreditation to highlight the excellent learning that can be delivered via online webinars.

During the pandemic, Webinars offered a way for learners to connect with training providers in a remote setting. Webinars allow learners enjoy all the benefits of an in-person seminar from the comfort of their own home - or wherever they choose to learn! Since then, Webinars have continued to rise in popularity due to their flexible and easily accessible nature.

Webinars also have the extra benefit of being recordable, so learners can choose to join the Webinar live as it happens, or watch it back after the Webinar has happened.

Bespoke certificates and QR codes for your Webinar

How does Webinar Accreditation work?

Here's what we'll need from you in order to get your webinars accredited:

Step 1) Choose Your Plan

We have a range of excellent value accreditation plans to choose from. The more webinars you accredit, the more money you will save! Take a look at our plans below. Accreditation lasts for three years.

Step 2) Who is delivering the webinar?

We'll assess the expertise of the person delivering the webinar, ensuring they are qualified to do so. In order to demonstrate your expertise, you can upload documents like your CV, qualification certificates, customer testimonials, links to your portfolio or website, videos of you delivering training and anything else that you feel demonstrates your expertise.

Step 3) What is included in the webinar?

We'll need to see a detailed summary of the contents of the webinar to ensure that you'll be providing quality learning. We'll need to see what information you will be covering, any interactive activities or break out rooms you will be providing, the running schedule of your webinar, whether your webinar is pre-recorded or live, and anything else you think is relevant.

You'll also need to provide the duration of the webinar so we can assign the correct number of CPD Credits learners will receive upon completion.

Step 4) Create Your Certificates

Once you've been accredited, you can design your certificates! Our Webinar Accreditation comes with the unique ability to design your own bespoke certificates for each webinar you accredit with us. You can choose your brand colours, add a signature and upload your logo!

We'll then provide you with a QR Code to display at your webinar for learners to get their CPD certificate.

Step 5) Receive Your QR Code

You'll then be able to download your Webinar's unique QR Code! Your attendees can scan this at the end of your Webinar. This registers their attendance at the Webinar, QR code, and gives them the option to download their certificate.

You'll also be able to see data from who has scanned your QR code and downloaded their certificate!

Why is Webinar Accreditation Important?

Increase Webinar Credibility

When looking for a Webinar, learners will be searching for something that allows them to gain all the benefits of an in-person seminar but from wherever they choose to learn.By getting accredited, you’ll be demonstrating that your webinar has been assessed for quality, meeting the highest CPD standards.

More Value for Your Learners

By getting your Webinar accredited, you'll be providing the added value of allowing your learners to collect trackable CPD Credits from your Webinar, as well as offering an accredited CPD certificate. Learners will be able to log their CPD credits in their portfolio as proof of their professional development. This is valuable to your customers, as they will have recordable evidence of their new skills to add to their CV and log with their employer, regulator, or professional body.

More Value for You!

Our Webinar accreditation doesn't just offer benefits for your learners, it also comes with huge value for you, the training provider. For one, our accreditation services are up to 50% cheaper than our competitors, offering double the benefits for half the price. You'll also get the benefits of being able to see the valuable data of who has attended your seminar and engaged with your QR code. CPD Accreditation is also a great marketing tool for your Webinar, as learners will be able to see your learning is a cut above the rest!

We're super proud of our Webinar accreditation, and we're excited to see all the fantastic learning that's on offer. If you have any questions about getting started, our team are on hand to help you.

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Check out our latest video on Webinar accreditation below! 👇