Bar Standards Board (BSB)

The BSB regulates practising barristers, students, unregistered barristers, specific professional legal services businesses (referred to as BSB entities), and European attorneys who are registered with them. Their main objectives are, as follows: • establishing the training requirements for becoming a barrister; • establishing ongoing training requirements in order to make sure that barristers' competencies are maintained all throughout their careers; • establishing guidelines for conduct for barristers; • authorising businesses that focus on advocacy, litigation, and specialist legal advice; and • keeping track of the service offered by barristers and the organisations they authorise to ensure that standards they set is met. Once members have received their full practising certificate as barristers, they must follow the BSB Handbook guidelines regarding CPD. All barristers are required to participate in CPD, however there is no set amount of hours that members must complete. Members are now responsible for determining what training is required on their own.