Chartered Institute of Building (CIoB)

Members of CIOB have a duty to engage in professional development activities to ensure that they continue to advance and broaden the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for your professional responsibilities. However, CIOB does not specify what members must do, so there is no set amount of time required. The best people to understand the importance and relevance of CPD are members. CIOB is looking for proof that members have completed a process to assess their development needs, take action, and assess the results before starting over. Over the course of a rolling three-year period, all members are required to uphold an accurate and current understanding of our professional and ethical standards. This requirement may be met by any learning that qualifies as formal CPD. To assist members in maintaining their knowledge, understanding, and expertise, CIOB is creating CPD tools. The best webinars and videos from Local Hub CPD sessions, as well as a variety of materials created by CIOB members for your benefit, will eventually be included in this portal's offering, which is primarily made up of content from the Construction Manager magazine.