Energy Institute

The Energy Institute is a not-for-profit professional membership organization that brings together knowledge to address pressing global issues. It is necessary to better understand, manage, and value energy in order to address the climate emergency and meet the growing global population's energy needs. Their social purpose is centered on this ambition. They are a global, independent network of experts working in the energy sector that convenes and facilitates discussion, promotes evidence and exchanges new ideas, raises concerns, and, when necessary, challenges the sector they work in. All professional EI members are required to maintain their knowledge and skills through CPD and to keep a record of their activities in order to stay current in accordance with the Code of Conduct. There are no overall requirements for CPD - members must complete CPD in accordance with their level, as each membership level has a different set of requirements. All professionally registered engineers and technicians must now submit their CPD records to their institution (starting in January 2019).