Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM)

A nonprofit organization called the Faculty of Occupational Medicine is dedicated to enhancing workplace health. It aims to uphold the highest standards in the practice of occupational medicine and is the UK's professional and educational organization for the field. Everyone who is of working age, according to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, has the right to enjoy fulfilling, healthy work without endangering themselves or others. In order to benefit from the benefits of good employment and prevent preventable injury and illness brought on by or made worse by work, they have the right to consult qualified occupational medical professionals as part of comprehensive occupational health and safety services. A predetermined number of CPD points per year or during the revalidation cycle are no longer required for FOM members. Instead, doctors just need to show their appraiser that they are engaging in CPD that is pertinent to their personal development plan( PDP) and practice, as well as how it has affected them.