Hair and Beauty Industry Authority – HABIA

For full-time beauty sector employees, HABIA has set the minimum CPD requirement at 30 hours per year. Based on a 37-hour workweek, part-time employees must determine their required CPD pro-rata. Habia is in charge of establishing the standards that serve as the foundation for all hair and beauty certifications, including industry standards of conduct and NVQs. They collaborate closely with qualification awarding bodies, expert groups, educators, and industry stakeholders. By offering guidance and support on careers, business development, legislation, salon safety, and equal opportunities, they also assist people in getting training, finding jobs, or running businesses. In order to fill skill gaps and advance industry knowledge and skills, the Habia Skills Academy offers specialized training to instructors. Through our CPD Approved Centre, Centre of Expertise, and Member Schools programs, they support the training that providers from the industry provide to establish criteria levels. Three specialist registers for the beauty, nail, and spa industries are owned and run by Habia and SkillsActive. The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) is the first organization to support the industry with voluntary and independent registrations. The goal is to guarantee that industry employees adhere to National Occupational Standards and have the necessary training to provide patients with treatments and services. Through positive press and media relationships, Habia, a non-profit organization, continuously works to increase the status of the hair and beauty sector.