Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

With its global headquarters in London, the Royal Academy of Dance is one of the most significant dance education and training organizations in the world. They believe that everyone should have the chance to learn how to dance, in our opinion. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the patron saint of the RAD, and Dame Darcey Bussell, DBE, serves as their president. They have an incredible global network of passionate and talented employees, teachers, and members, each of whom shapes and influences the future of dance, with a strong global membership in 85 countries and offices in 36. Every year, 20 hours of CPD must be completed by RAD teachers between September 1 and August 31. This can consist of Time-Valued CPD for a minimum of 10 hours, or Independent PPD if you want to. Members can select the CPD that best suits them thanks to the RAD scheme's flexibility. This means that in any given CPD year, one teacher may complete 20 hours of Time-Valued Credit, another 16 hours and 4 hours, and a third 10 hours each.