Royal Aeronautical Society (RAES)

All of the Royal Aeronautical Society Engineering Council registrants are required to engage in the necessary CPD for the advancement of their careers because they are aware of its significance. The Society does not have a policy of being prescriptive in its requests for registered members. According to the Society, registrants and, when appropriate, their employers should determine which CPD is necessary to maintain the skills and knowledge needed for their current and future positions. The Society has developed a number of tools to assist registered members, including mentoring, specialist groups, and mycareerpath, an online tool that helps them track and develop their professional development. If requested, registrants are required by the Society to show their dedication to CPD. For EngTech, IEng, and CEng registration, written proof is required. Registrants may also be polled at other times to determine the usefulness and efficacy of the Society's policies and professional development support services. Competence E4 in UK- SPEC expects applicants for EngTech, IEng, and CEng registration to carry out CPD, even though the Society does not specify what constitutes membership. It is crucial that CPD activities and plans are clearly listed in the Development Action Plan (to be submitted with EngTech, IEng, or CEng Qualifying Report) as this competence will be evaluated during the Professional Review and Interview.