RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects

A global professional membership organization that promotes excellence in architecture is called the Royal Institute of British Architects. They serve their members in order to provide stronger communities, better houses, buildings, structures and areas, and a sustainable environment. All of their actions are guided by the principles of inclusivity, ethics, environmental consciousness, and teamwork. Every year, RIBA members must gather a record of completed CPD hours. Members must take into account the following five factors in order to fulfill their CPD obligations: committing to relevant studying for at least 35 hours annually ensuring that half of their CPD is organized, whether it be online (where possible), distance learning, or face-to-face instruction. spending at least 20 of the 35 hours — two hours each — on the 10 CPD topics required for the RIBA Core Curriculum. gaining at least 100 learning points, reflecting their own evaluation of the activity's benefits RIBA provides an online CPD recording tool, where members can record and monitor their CPD activities.