Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)

Leading membership organization RTP is a Chartered Institute that upholds professional standards and recognizes top-notch planning programs both domestically and abroad. A supplemental Royal Charter was granted in 1970, transforming the Institute into the Royal Town Planning Institute. The Institute ceased to be a limited company in 1960 and changed its status to charity. To maintain and advance their skills through Continuing Professional Development( CPD), all RTPI members— aside from students, affiliates, and retirees— must abide by the guidelines outlined in our Code of Professional Conduct. You can find instructions on how to fulfill the requirements in our advice note. Each two-year period, members must engage in and record at least 50 hours of CPD activity, and they must keep a written journal of their activities. Through a random sample of members, the institute keeps track of CPD records. A sample of members is contacted by RTPI each year to have their records monitored.