The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

The government established the CNHC to protect the public. They accomplish this by maintaining an independent UK registration of complementary healthcare practitioners, with the sole goal of protecting the public. They establish the standards that practitioners must satisfy in order to be admitted to and remain on the register. All CNHC registrants have freely enrolled and committed to be bound by the highest standards of conduct. They have all been professionally trained and are completely insured to practise. CNHC registrants who are only registered for a single field must complete a minimum of 15 hours of CPD each year, 10 of which must be directly related to the discipline for which they are registered. The remaining 5 hours could be more general study to help them grow as a professional practitioner. Multi-disciplinary registrants are required to complete at least 10 hours of CPD directly related to each field for which they are registered, as well as 5 hours of general learning. This means that if you are registered for two disciplines, you must finish a total of 25 hours; if you are registered for three disciplines, you must accomplish a total of 35 hours, and so on.