The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

The Health and Care Professions Council oversees UK's health and care industries. They safeguard the general public, by regulating 15 health and care fields (arts therapists, biomedical scientists, chiropodists /podiatrists, clinical scientists, dieticians, hearing aid dispensers, occupational therapists, operating department practitioners, orthoptists, paramedics, physiotherapists, prosthetists/orthotists, radiographers, speech& language therapists) which is achieved by setting standards for the training, practice, and education of professionals.They approve programs that professionals must complete in order to register with them. If a professional on our Register doesn't live up to our standards, the HCPC is obliged to take action. Members must adhere to their five CPD standards in order to continue to be registered: 1. keep a consistent, current, and accurate record of completed CPD hours 2. show that their CPD activities combine learning activities pertinent to present-day or future practice. 3. Make sure that their CPD has improved their practice and service delivery. 4. make sure the service user benefits from their CPD. 5. Upon request, provide a written description of how they have complied with the CPD Standards( must be original and supported by evidence).