The Science Council

For those involved in science, the Science Council offers a quality control system. For practicing scientists and science technicians in all scientific fields, they established the requirements for professional registration. Scientists and science technicians who meet their qualifications, conduct requirements, and commit to continuing professional development are admitted to SC registers through their Licensed Bodies. The following names are used to identify scientists who meet the necessary requirements: CSci, CSCiTeach, RSC, and RScITech. There are 37 member bodies of the Science Council, and one of them is known as a "Chartered Scientist." All registrants who desire to maintain their enrollment must submit an yearly declaration that they adhere to the Science Council Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards in order to sustain their status as RSciTech, RSCi, CScI, and CsCiTeach. A registrant is required to keep an ongoing, current, accurate, and reflective record of their CPD activities and, upon request, is able to offer supporting documentation. (New regulations as of January 2022 are available at There are no set minimum hours of CPD that must be achieved.