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Higher standards, better learning

The CPD Group take learning seriously and are dedicated to ensuring that all the activities we accredit adhere to the highest standards. This not only ensures that your learners are getting the best experience possible, but it also benefits you as high-quality, engaging courses mean that your clients are more likely to recommend you and return to your courses again in the future.

Our Framework

We have an exclusive, thorough framework that we use to assess each of your courses individually. Our exclusive method takes all aspects of each activity and analyses them in a structured, effective manner. We view your courses from all perspectives, taking into account things such as accessibility, content and creativity.


Once we’ve assessed each of your activities, we’ll provide you with a report detailing our findings, including feedback on what works well and what you can improve on. We won’t accredit your courses until we’re satisfied that you’ve met all of the criteria, giving you the chance to improve your courses so they’re the very best they can be.

Get a.c.c.r.e.d.i.t.e.d

So, what do we look for when we assess your activities? We use our exclusive framework
“ACCREDITED” to effectively analyse all aspects of your course:

The CPD Group recognise the importance of making learning accessible to all. As a result, we take this into account for every activity we assess. For example, we make sure your activity is accessible to those who have visual impairments or are hard of hearing.

We thoroughly check the content of each of your courses to ensure that the information you’ve provided is factually correct, making sure your learners are being given accurate information.

We want to make sure that all the Activities we accredit are delivered in creative and exciting ways that are engaging, effective and non-repetitive so that learners get the most out of their experience.

We want to ensure that your customers are getting exactly what they expected upon purchasing your course, so we make sure that the contents of your activity are relevant to what is advertised and isn’t misleading in any way.

One of the key aspects of an exemplary Activity is the ability to keep your learners engaged and switched on throughout. We ensure your methods of delivery get your learners actively engaged and involved in your Activity.

The devil is in the details! Our assessment criteria examine the smallest details to ensure your Activity is entirely accurate, easily understandable and adheres to professional writing standards.

We want to ensure that you own or are licensed to use the materials of your activity and that it has been truthfully and legitimately produced.

An effective activity will contain some form of assessment that enables the learner to solidify the knowledge they have gained and validate their progress.

An excellent activity will benefit from its creator being fully clued up on their specialist subject, so we always check that the author of the Activity possesses the relevant knowledge and experience to deliver their activity.

We ensure that every activity is fully up to date with the latest information and is compatible with the latest technology.


The “ACCREDITED” framework is exclusive intellectual property of The CPD Group and is not to be replicated, copied, appropriated or plagiarised in any way.

Copyright: The CPD Group Ltd; Reference 202103 CPD Framework V1.0

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