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Is CPD Recognised Globally?

Yes, CPD is recognised around the world by employers, professional bodies and educational institutes alike; though it is important to note that there is no standardised system for CPD as of yet. In some countries, CPD may be known by different names or have different terminology attached to it; however the principle is the same. We've accredited CPD activities from all around the globe, from a wide range of industries and specialisms, ensuring that CPD standards are being met and the end user is receiving a quality learning experience.

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What is CPD?

CPD encompasses any activity that enables individuals to acquire new skills, knowledge, or expertise, benefiting their careers and enhancing performance in their current roles. Participation in high-quality CPD courses, webinars, events, or any form of CPD showcases to prospective employers a strong commitment to self-improvement and a continuous pursuit of growth.

CPD Accreditation Explained

What is CPD Accreditation or Certification?

CPD accreditation refers to the process of officially recognising and approving a Continuing Professional Development activity. When a CPD program is accredited, it means that the program has met specific quality standards and criteria set forth by the accrediting body.

We use our A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D. Framework to ensure quality in every aspect of the course, and we've published it here so that our providers and their customers can see what their course is being measured against.

Accreditation ensures that the CPD program is designed to provide valuable and relevant learning experiences, enabling participants to acquire new skills, knowledge, or expertise in their respective fields.

Getting a course CPD accredited allows training Providers to offer a verified amount of CPD points or credits that learners can use to track their professional development. This is important as many industries require their employees to complete a specific number of CPD credits per year as proof of their professional development.

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UK and Europe

Is CPD Recognised in the UK and Europe?

Yes, CPD and CPD accreditation is recognised and widely accepted in the United Kingdom and across Europe. The UK places great importance on professional development and encourages individuals across various industries to engage in CPD activities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Many professional bodies, trade associations, and educational providers in the UK offer CPD programs tailored to specific industries and professions. These organisations ensure that their CPD programs meet high-quality standards and align with industry best practices by getting accredited by accreditation bodies like The CPD Group.

USA and North America

Is CPD Recognised in the USA and North America?

Yes, CPD and CPD accreditation are recognised across the United States of America. In the US, CPD may also be referred to using different terminology, such as "CE" (Continuing Education) CPE, (Continuing Professional Education) or in industry specific terms like CME (Continuing Medical Education) Different industries and professions will have different requirements for CPD depending on the State, so its important to look up the requirements for CPD in your region or industry.

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Is CPD Recognised in Australia?

In Australia, Continuing Professional Development and CPD accreditation are both acknowledged and adopted across diverse industries and professional domains. Engaging in CPD and obtaining CPD accreditation is a common practice, fostering ongoing learning and growth throughout various careers in Australia. CPD accreditation is used to verify quality and prove credibility.


Is CPD Recognised in Africa?

CPD is becoming increasingly popular throughout the continent of Africa, with a large focus on CPD in Medicine and Pharmaceuticals in particular. The goals of CPD in Africa are similar to those in other regions: to enable professionals to update their knowledge and skills, stay current with industry developments, and maintain high standards of practice. There is big emphasis on CPD accreditation to ensure quality standards are being met, and CPD credits are often required to log employee's professional development hours.

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Is CPD Recognised in Asia?

Many professional associations and organisations in Asian countries offer CPD programs tailored to their respective fields. These programs aim to help professionals enhance their knowledge, skills, and competencies to meet the demands of a rapidly changing and competitive global landscape.CPD is particularly valued in industries such as healthcare, education, engineering, finance, law, information technology, and many others. It is often seen as an essential part of career development and maintaining professional standing in these fields.

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A whole world of CPD!

CPD is a global phenomenon which helps professionals around the world keep their knowledge relevant and up to date to ensure the highest career performance. CPD accreditation helps these professionals ensure that the learning they undertake has been assessed for quality.

We've accredited CPD courses from all around the world from a multitude of different industries. If you provide training and are interested in getting accredited - get in touch with us today!

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